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. This change will align with industry oil standards for small gasoline engines. Cummins manufacturers and ships gasoline and LP powered Onan RV generators using SAE10W-30 oil blend. In addition to the new oil blend, Cummins is still offering the SAE15W-40 for small diesel RV generators.

ISO GENERATOR is specially formulated to meet the lubrication requirement of leading manufacturers of portable generators. The synergy of selective additive technology and high viscosity index base oils provides excellent protection to engine components operating at extreme temperature and load conditions for longer period



  • Identical engine oil blend used in RV generator production.
  • Protects against wear in air- or water-cooled engines.
  • Formulated to give protection against oxidation and increased oil viscosity to help reduce engine wear and oil consumption.
  • Provides excellent protection in water cooled engines where high speeds or longer drain intervals may be experienced.
  • Gives extra protection at high operating temperature.
  • Improved anti-wear property and resists against engine deposit.


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