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ISO CI-4 EURO VI 10W-40 is a high performance semi-synthetic heavy-duty engine oil designed to conform to current ACEA requirements as well as top tier OEM specifications for Euro IV, V and some Euro VI diesel engines.

  • ISO CI-4 EURO VI is full synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil with “Low-SAPS” additive technology and an unique anti-wear system.
    Protective power is enhanced with synthetic base oil technology, resulting in long engine life and long oil life.this product  meets the latest requirements of most OEMs for Euro 4, 5, 6 engines and exceeds the performance requirments of industry specifications such as
    heavy trucks, construction machinery and buses and Transport vehicles that move/work in areas of compliance with toxicity criteria of Euro-1, Euro-2, Euro-3, Euro-4.



Formulated for use in severe on-highway naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engine operations.

  • Particulary suited for wide range of trucking and tranportation applications in modern Low-emission vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, MAN, DAF, Volvo and others.

Offers extended drain intervals in combination with low sulphur fuels*

Formulated for use in trucks and buses equipped with gas engines

Designed to provide good performance in diesel particulate filter (DPF), exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) after treatment systems

Is suitable for year-round use and ensure reliable cold start

Reduces cold start wear by means of short engine lubrication times

Offers high temperature safety

Reduces fuel and oil consumption, thus protecting the environment

Has an excellent dirt dispersing capacity and prevents sludge

Prolongs the service life of the engine

Allows for extended oil change intervals

Keep-clean performance

Reduced fleet operating costs

Suitable for a wide range of vehicles


SAE       10W40

API        CI-4 EURO VI

ACEA E6, E7, E9
API CI-4, CH-4
Cummins CES 20077
DAF Extended Drain (Euro 0 to VI)
Mack EO-M Plus, EO-M
MAN M3477, M3271-1 °
Renault RXD, RLD, RGD
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