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ISO CVT Full Synthetic

ISO CVT Full Synthetic is is a full synthetic fluid for use in continuously variable transmissions (CVT) of most Japanese passenger cars. Its superior technology enables longer transmission life and designed for modern continuously variable transmissions (CVTs), which rely on high steel-on-steel friction between either a belt or chain and pulleys to transfer power.



ISO CVT Full Synthetic is recommended for service fill use in the following passenger car, push-belt and chain-driven continuously variable transmission applications:

  • Excellent oxidation resistance
  • Anti-shudder durability
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Exceptional shear stability
  • Low temperature fluidity
  • Low foaming
  • BMW/MINI P/N83 220 136 376, P/N 83 220 429154, EZL 799, EZL 799A
  • Dodge/JeepNS-2, CVTF+4
  • FordCVT23, CFT30, WSS-M2C933-A, MotorcraftXT-7-QCFT, MERCON® C
  • General MotorsCVTF I-Green2, DEX-CVT
  • Honda/AcuraHMMF (without starting clutch),HCF-2
  • Hyundai/KiaSP-CVT 1, SP-III (CVT only)
  • MazdaCVTF 3320
  • Mercedes Benz20
  • MitsubishiCVTF-J1, CVTF-J4, SP-III (CVT only)
  • NissanNS-1, NS-2, NS-2V, NS-3, Nissan D-Matic(N-CVT only)
  • ShellGreen 1V
  • SubaruLineartronic CVTF (P/N K0425Y0710),Lineartronic CVTF II (P/N K0425Y0711) CV-30,High Torque CVTF (SOA748V0200), e-CVTF
  • Suzuki TC, NS-2, CVTF 3320, CVT Green 1, CVTGreen 2, CVT Green 3
  • Toyota TC, FE
  • Volkswagen/AudiTL 52180, G 052 180 A2, G052 516 A2
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